Sasha Kurmaz – Street Artist

Street art performance by Sasha Kurmaz

Sasha Kurmaz stood on Bauman Street in Kazan (Russia) alongside other artists who offered to paint a portrait of passersby for a small fee. Unlike other artists, Sasha offered to draw a portrait in modernist tradition. Thus, the person could afford a portrait in a minimalist, abstract or conceptual style. The photos below document the artist’s playful performance:

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Erik Olson – New Portraits

Erik Olson

Erik Olson paints portraits of his friends. He uses a loaded brush and applies saturated color, creating fractal like shifting planes, building a discontinuity of space and structure. In the process, the likeness and psychology of the sitter remains inexplicably unharmed. The surfaces are composed of thinly applied fields of color and thick loaded-up brushstrokes. The elements of the surfaces seem to be moving in multiple directions simultaneously. It is as if they are spinning through space being formed tectonically by their own gravitational pull while opposing rotational forces are ripping them apart.

Erik Olson’s Website