Kenji Hirasawa – Thermal Camera Art

Thermal camera art by Kenji Hirasawa

Kenji Hirasawa (1982, Tokyo, Japan) has always been fascinated by skin-ship, where people interact with each other through the sense of touch. This is due to the fact that the Japanese consider it polite to keep one’s distance when communicating; they bow to each other instead of shaking hands in greetings. Therefore, it is very rare to feel other people’s body temperature in Japan. In this series titled Portraits, the Japanese artist uses thermography to show the beauty of human vitality and to reconnect visually with human warmth.

Kenji Hirasawa’s Website

Andrew G Fisher – Forgotten Corners

Andrew G Fisher - Forgotten Corners

Analogue photography has always been at the heart of Andrew G Fisher’s work. Sometimes photographs are all that are needed; sometimes the artist reacts to the photographs to create more. Andrew is self-taught and fiercely independent in his approach to produce work with integrity and meaning. The images below are part of the series ‘Forgotten Corners’, described by the artist with the following words: “The passage of time has always fascinated and intrigued me. Unchangeable and inevitable, a seemingly abstract concept which has confounding effects on every aspect of life. Each of my projects seeks to identify the relationship between time, place and people; how one inevitably affects the others.”

Andrew G Fisher’s Website
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Lucie Khahoutian – Metaphysical Photography

Metaphysical photography by Armenian artist Lucie Khahoutian

Lucie Khahoutian is an Armenian visual artist born in 1990 in Erevan who is currently part of the Live Wilde Collective. Her work aspire to create enriching encounters between western contemporary visual culture and strong traditional Armenian references. Her art approaches a wide range of topics while being very focused on religion, spirituality, and mystical matters. Lucie’s latest work titled “With All This Darkness Round Me I Feel Less Alone” is about seclusion and dementia, and is very much influenced by Sergei Paradjanov’s imagery and Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. Below a selection of images from the series:

The Live Wild Collective Homepage
The Live Wild Collective on Instagram

Luca Tombolini – Serene Landscapes

Luca Tombolini

Luca Tombolini was born in Milan. After pursuing classical studies he got a degree in Sciences of Communication with a major on visual rhetorics in Italian cinema. While studying at university he came in contact with photography and started to experiment with large format analog cameras, which he currently uses. His photography follows a fascination for desert and primordial spaces. He finds no other places so helpful to meditate beyond everyday life. His photography therefor explores subjects of contemplation, the Self, the Unconscious and the perceived reality.

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Bert Danckaert – Minimal Street Photography

Bert Danckaert

Bert Danckaert studied photography at the Academy for Fine Arts and the National Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp. Since the mid nineties, he has been working as a photographer and has showed his work in several solo and group exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. Besides his artistic activities, Danckaert also writes about photography for several newspapers and magazines and has worked as freelance curator. He teaches photography at the Academy of Antwerp. A selection from his series “Horizon” below:

Bert Danckaert’s Website

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Sinziana Velicescu – Los Angeles Photography

Sinziana Velicescu

Sinziana Velicescu is a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Film. Her photography explores human intervention with nature in landscapes that have undergone political, social, or environmental change. Selections from her award winning series, “On The Periphery,” have been shown in galleries internationally in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Hamburg, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Rome. Most recently, Photo Boite named her one of the 30 Female photographers under 30 to watch in 2016. Below a selection of images from her series “Los Angeles”:

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Amardeep S. – Italy, Slovenia, Austria, 2014

Amardeep S.

Amardeep a product designer, occasional front-end developer, & photographer based in New York City. He’s currently working on a number of interesting projects including a barter-based design micro-studio called Studio Free, a monthly newsletter and more… Below a selection from his travel photographs taken between Italy, Slovenia and Austria in 2014.

Amardeep S.’s Website
Amardeep S.’s Photo Portfolio
Amardeep S. on Instagram

Kooyong Sohn – Nothing More, Nothing Less

Kooyong Sohn

Kooyong Sohn is currently studying for M.A. in Fine Art Photography at Chung-Ang University. He is an aspiring photographer/filmmaker. He studied Media Communication at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for his bachelor’s degree. During his college years, Kooyong started making photographs for the magazine he had self-published called Holden Magazine. It is a magazine that was published in 4 volumes, dealing with fresh ways to interpret various aspects of the city, Seoul, in photographic and literary means. From then on, Kooyong started to take photography seriously and made various bodies of work based in Seoul. Below a selection of photographs from his work “Nothing More, Nothing Less”.

Kooyong Sohn’s Website

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Hiroshi Sugimoto – Polaroid Carres

Hiroshi Sugimoto - Polaroid

Renowned Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto has created a limited edition of 140 scarves for French luxury brand Hermès as part of the “Couleurs de l’Ombre” exhibition. Each piece is a reinterpretation of the famed squared scarf design known as carré.The striking gradients were captured by Sugimoto while photographing the first ray of sunlights in the morning, using a set of prisms and a Polaroid camera.

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Website

Yota Yoshida – Tokyo Street Photography

Yota Yoshida

Yota Yoshida (1981) is a Japanese street photographer who lives in Tokyo. He attaches great importance to shoot photographs in a carefully and considered manner. In his work he tries to capture the atmosphere of the contemporary Japanese society. On this page a selection from his series “From somewhere, to elsewhere”. Yota describes this project with the following words: “I started working on “From somewhere, to elsewhere” only recently – it’s an ongoing project that will take a long time in the making. It’s a short little story, an urban quest for the answer to the questions that make up the title of a Gauguin’s painting: “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” The theme of my series is based on those universal, fundamental questions. The pictures also explore the changes in my consciousness and views on society, but I’ll let the photographs speak – if you look at them carefully, I believe you will understand what I’m trying to say.”

Yota Yoshida’s Website

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Olaf Otto Becker – Broken Line

Olaf Otto Becker

In this project, Olaf Otto Becker focuses on the coastal landscape and the glaciers of Greenland which have become the victim of significant changes caused by global warming. The artist covered 4000 km along the west coast of Greenland alone in a rubber raft in order to document these with a large format camera. The resulting images are absolutely breathtaking. Visit Olaf’s website for more images and information about his projects.

Olaf Otto Becker’s Website

Lara Minerva – Lost in Unquenchable Desires

Lara Minerva

The Series “Lost in Unquenchable Desires” is the result of the current collaboration between the London based photographer Manon Ouimet and the Berlin based collage artist Lara Minerva. The collages aim to express what is too big to be put it into words, an unquenchable and never ending desire. The desire for change, for freedom, for shelter, for dreams coming true and
so much more. Looking at the women and imagining what they are thinking of or wishing for, one can get lost.

Lara Minerva’s Website
Manon Ouimet’s Website

Elif Sanem Karakoç – Food Pyramid

Elif Sanem Karakoç

Elif Sanem Karakoç was born in 1990 in Istanbul/Turkey. She studied in Avni Akyol Fine Arts Highschool on Drawing & Painting department in Istanbul and then graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Academy Photography department.  She opened her first solo exhibition in Finland Iisalmi Underground Photo Gallery in 2006. Her photos were exhibited during festivals and art shows in Portugal, France, Romania, Korea and Istanbul. Below a selection from her “Food Pyramid” series:

Elif Sanem Karakoç’s Website
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Elif Sanem Karakoç on Flickr

Matt Stuart – London Street Photography

Matt Stuart

Matt’s father introduced him to photography, handing over books by Robert Frank & Henri Cartier-Bresson. Ever since then, photography has been Matt’s overriding passion, although he’s still quite interested in skateboards and girls. Below a selection of Matt’s street photos from London, UK:

Matt Stuart’s Website

Antony Cairns – LDN

Antony Cairns

Born in the east end of London, England, Antony Cairns has been taking photographs since the age of 15. A constant theme in his images has been the city of his birth. He has chosen his subject and is on a path to document his city, the place he calls home, a metropolis that is certainly the centre of his universe. Below is a selection of images from the series LDN:

Antony Cairns’s Website

Arianna Lago – Studies of Color

Arianna Lago

Arianna’s inspiration comes from observational travel photography, nature and searching for beauty in the every day life. Her style has developed to manipulated organic compositions in which she applies a strong sensibility to colour. Mainly using 35mm her work lets transpire an effortless fragility and a painterly organic feel.

Arianna Lago’s Website
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Arianna Lago on Tumblr

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