Lucie Khahoutian – Metaphysical Photography

Metaphysical photography by Armenian artist Lucie Khahoutian

Lucie Khahoutian is an Armenian visual artist born in 1990 in Erevan who is currently part of the Live Wilde Collective. Her work aspire to create enriching encounters between western contemporary visual culture and strong traditional Armenian references. Her art approaches a wide range of topics while being very focused on religion, spirituality, and mystical matters. Lucie’s latest work titled “With All This Darkness Round Me I Feel Less Alone” is about seclusion and dementia, and is very much influenced by Sergei Paradjanov’s imagery and Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. Below a selection of images from the series:

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Mayumi Hosokura – Transparency is the New Mystery

Mayumi Hosokura

Mayumi Hosokura is definitely a photographer to watch, collect, enjoy. Her photographs, installations and books all carry special mystery, poetry and dream-like connections that stick in your mind, imprinted like universal archetypes or snatches of hypnagogic hallucinatory visions. Below a selection of some of her black & white photos:

Mayumi Hosokura’s Website