Yuri Uenishi – Design & Art Direction

Yuri Uenishi's design and art direction

After graduating from Tama Art University, Yuri joined Dentsu in 2010. Since then, she has worked on a wide range of work from graphic design for posters, logos, packaging, to integrated branding campaigns. She currently works for clients such as Suntory, TV Tokyo, and Tokyu Railway. Yuri’s work was first recognized on the international stage when she competed in the Young Press Lions at Cannes representing Japan, and won Gold. She then went on to winning gold, silver, and bronze awards at D&AD, ADC of New York, One Show, Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, and Adfest. She loves traveling, and annually takes four weeks off from work to explore the world.

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Kenji Hirasawa – Thermal Camera Art

Thermal camera art by Kenji Hirasawa

Kenji Hirasawa (1982, Tokyo, Japan) has always been fascinated by skin-ship, where people interact with each other through the sense of touch. This is due to the fact that the Japanese consider it polite to keep one’s distance when communicating; they bow to each other instead of shaking hands in greetings. Therefore, it is very rare to feel other people’s body temperature in Japan. In this series titled Portraits, the Japanese artist uses thermography to show the beauty of human vitality and to reconnect visually with human warmth.

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Hiroshi Sugimoto – Polaroid Carres

Hiroshi Sugimoto - Polaroid

Renowned Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto has created a limited edition of 140 scarves for French luxury brand Hermès as part of the “Couleurs de l’Ombre” exhibition. Each piece is a reinterpretation of the famed squared scarf design known as carré.The striking gradients were captured by Sugimoto while photographing the first ray of sunlights in the morning, using a set of prisms and a Polaroid camera.

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Yota Yoshida – Tokyo Street Photography

Yota Yoshida

Yota Yoshida (1981) is a Japanese street photographer who lives in Tokyo. He attaches great importance to shoot photographs in a carefully and considered manner. In his work he tries to capture the atmosphere of the contemporary Japanese society. On this page a selection from his series “From somewhere, to elsewhere”. Yota describes this project with the following words: “I started working on “From somewhere, to elsewhere” only recently – it’s an ongoing project that will take a long time in the making. It’s a short little story, an urban quest for the answer to the questions that make up the title of a Gauguin’s painting: “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” The theme of my series is based on those universal, fundamental questions. The pictures also explore the changes in my consciousness and views on society, but I’ll let the photographs speak – if you look at them carefully, I believe you will understand what I’m trying to say.”

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Yoshi Sodeoka – Selected Works

Yoshi Sodeoka

Yoshi Sodeoka is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Yokohama, Japan, who’s lived in New York for more than two decades. Sodeoka’s neo-psychedelic work with video, GIFs and print simultaneously inhabits the world of fine art, music, fashion, and advertising. Below a selection of Sodeoka’s glitchy and psychedelic prints made from distorted videos as their primary sources.

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NHK yx Koyxen – Doom Steppy Reverb

Highly dysfunctional techno from NHK yx Koyxen AKA Kohei Matsunaga on Diagonal. Doom Steppy Reverb contains seven tracks of brain-folding sound design and effortless, playfully ruffneck groove mechanics, it’s clearly Matsunaga’s most focussed and deadly club record, one that puts experimental ideas at the service of the dancer and equally works as an intensely immersive headphone experience thanks to a proper sub-bass bias.

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Mayumi Hosokura – Transparency is the New Mystery

Mayumi Hosokura

Mayumi Hosokura is definitely a photographer to watch, collect, enjoy. Her photographs, installations and books all carry special mystery, poetry and dream-like connections that stick in your mind, imprinted like universal archetypes or snatches of hypnagogic hallucinatory visions. Below a selection of some of her black & white photos:

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