Alessandro Canova – Meta! Space

Glitch art by mixed media artist Alessandro Canova

Alessandro Canova is a multidisciplinary artist who performed in Italy, France, UK and Japan during experimental music and art events. According to his bio the artist “explores the phenomenological dimension that lies between minimalism and glitch” across a variety of media. He currently resides and work in London. Below a selection from Meta! Space, a series based on an image from Google Maps projected onto a virtual 3D space and reprocessed through an array of displacement algorithms. Visit Alessandro Canova’s website to find out more about his audio and visual artworks.

Alessandro Canova’s Website
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Luca Tombolini – Serene Landscapes

Luca Tombolini

Luca Tombolini was born in Milan. After pursuing classical studies he got a degree in Sciences of Communication with a major on visual rhetorics in Italian cinema. While studying at university he came in contact with photography and started to experiment with large format analog cameras, which he currently uses. His photography follows a fascination for desert and primordial spaces. He finds no other places so helpful to meditate beyond everyday life. His photography therefor explores subjects of contemplation, the Self, the Unconscious and the perceived reality.

Luca Tombolini’s Website
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