Liam Stevens – Minimalist Collage Art

Liam Stevens

Liam Stevens is an image maker and designer based in London. He favours simple materials enabling him to craft his work through expressive lines or graphic shapes and is particularly fond of his Pentel 0.7mm mechanical pencil, coloured paper stash and scalpel. Below a selection of our favourite minimalist collage art from Liam, pure elegance and beauty:

Liam Stevens’ Website
Liam Stevens on Twitter
Liam Stevens on Tumblr

Antonio Lee – Paintings

Antonio Lee

Antonio Lee is an artist currently studying visual arts at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, São Paulo. In 2012 he received FAAP’s 44th Annual Prize for the works he presented in the same year. The artist mixes various techniques from traditional and contemporary painting in the construction of figurative images that express movement and dynamics.

Antonio Lee’s Website

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