Beatrice Dillon – Can I Change My Mind?

Beatrice Dillon

Can I Change My Mind? is Beatrice’s most tracky solo production to date, and also the most singular, adroit demonstration of what makes her tick, combining and parsing the most affective, tactile parts of Black Atlantic percussive patterns with a learned appreciation of dub-style economy and concrète texturing. Across 13 minutes of morphing, fractious rhythm, Beatrice renders clear the prismic and rhizomic dub binds and syncopations that connect original, rolling African drum traditions with Afrobeat and highlife, and likewise between proper UK roots steppers, house and ’90s jungle, or, for that matter, the mosaic of modern antecedents which continue to be informed by those styles – from the rites of Shackleton to Tessela’s visceral techno swerve and the mercurial grooves of Rian Treanor or her sometime collaborator, Kassem Mosse.

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NHK yx Koyxen – Doom Steppy Reverb

Highly dysfunctional techno from NHK yx Koyxen AKA Kohei Matsunaga on Diagonal. Doom Steppy Reverb contains seven tracks of brain-folding sound design and effortless, playfully ruffneck groove mechanics, it’s clearly Matsunaga’s most focussed and deadly club record, one that puts experimental ideas at the service of the dancer and equally works as an intensely immersive headphone experience thanks to a proper sub-bass bias.

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Nicola Ratti – Pressure Loss

Nicola Ratti - Pressure Loss

Ratti says of the record: “Pressure Loss was recorded at Worm’s studio in Rotterdam during October 2014, where the creative and compositional process took place via a very limited palette of sounds and elements. The aim was to achieve a complex rhythmic ensemble whilst limiting myself to 8 low frequency oscillators through 8 modular filters patched together with few variations. This album freezes a moment within my musical research on the rhythmic possibilities achievable by using the fundamental and not complex elements of modular synthesizer systems”.

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