Sanghyeok Bang – Black & White Photography Part One

Sanghyeok Bang

The mysterious South Korean photographer Sanghyeok Bang produces hazy, grainy and often blurry black and white intimate images that remind us of a cross-over between Nobuyoshi Araki and Moriyama Daido. Head over the artist’s website for more explicit shots.

Sanghyeok Bang’s Website
Sanghyeok Bang on Facebook

Mayumi Hosokura – Transparency is the New Mystery

Mayumi Hosokura

Mayumi Hosokura is definitely a photographer to watch, collect, enjoy. Her photographs, installations and books all carry special mystery, poetry and dream-like connections that stick in your mind, imprinted like universal archetypes or snatches of hypnagogic hallucinatory visions. Below a selection of some of her black & white photos:

Mayumi Hosokura’s Website

Antony Cairns – LDN

Antony Cairns

Born in the east end of London, England, Antony Cairns has been taking photographs since the age of 15. A constant theme in his images has been the city of his birth. He has chosen his subject and is on a path to document his city, the place he calls home, a metropolis that is certainly the centre of his universe. Below is a selection of images from the series LDN:

Antony Cairns’s Website